Hi folks, 

My role at Maunula Secondary School is a unique one. I am the special education support teacher for the international side. This means, that I work with struggling students to ensure the goals specified in their HOJKS‘s are met. I do this through various techniques, such as one on one instruction, small group setting or as an assistant to the classroom teacher. In addition to the academic support, I also provide behavioral support. I use a variety of different strategies to curb disruptive behavior in the classroom. Resolving student conflicts is also a large part of my job. Ensuring that the school remains a bully free environment is also a role I take quite seriously.  

In additional to my role as a special education teacher, I also teach extra English. This is a class that students attend in addition to their regular English class. This is a class that exposes the students to modern literature and also gives them a chance to become writers themselves. Students are assigned a different book to read and asked to analyse specific literary concepts, such as irony, foreshadowing and plot twists. They are also given the opportunity to create original stories. Extra English is a fun and educational class that the students really enjoy.  

Last but not least, I run several extracurricular activities here at Maunula. The debate team is a fun and exciting after school club that allows students to display their competitive sides. We focus on strengthening research and public speaking skills. The team travels to competitions all around Finland, and even have a chance to compete in the European debate championships. HELIMUN is also known as the model UN:  This is a program I run with Mrs. Arja Tingstad. It allows students to understand real word issues and gives them a format to discuss, as well as provide solutions to major world problems. HELIMUN meets weekly leading up to a year end competition with students from all around the world. Finally, there is IB Prep. This is an afterschool program in which I help prepare students for what they will see upon admission to an IB high school. We focus on writing skills, math skill and even prepare them for the interview process. 

Whatever the problem, just grab my sleeve or send me a message, let’s find a solution together! 

Matt Barnes