Rules of Conduct

The Rules of Conduct will be updated during the school year in cooperation with the Students’ Union.

1. The Rules of Conduct have been drawn up by the teachers, principals and Students’ Union of Maunula Secondary and Upper Secondary School, and they have been approved by the school’s Board of Directors on May 11th 2010.

2. The Rules of Conduct are meant to ensure that school work runs smoothly and to promote the safety and wellbeing of the whole school community.

3. The rules apply during school days as well as on trips from and to school, and in all events organised by the school.

4. The Rules of Conduct apply to all students of Maunula Secondary and Upper Secondary School (Maunulan yhteiskoulu ja Helsingin matematiikkalukio).

5. Any student that disturbs school work may be punished in a manner stipulated in the Basic and Upper Secondary Education Act.

​Daily Routines

6. All students must work diligently and behave in an appropriate manner towards all members of the school community. Students must make sure that they have the material needed for school work with them.

7. Any type of bullying or discrimination is strictly forbidden. All members of the school community should behave in accordance with the school spirit and offer their assistance if needed. Students should ask adults for help if they come across any bullying or other problems.

8. All members of the school community should treat the property of others and of the school with respect. Everyone should take care that they keep the school tidy. All rubbish should be put in the school’s rubbish bins.

9. If a student brings valuables, money, mobile phones or other belongings to school that are not related to school work, he or she (or their guardian) is responsible for them. Listening to music during lessons is not allowed. Using tablets, laptops and mobile phones during lessons is allowed only when they are used for studying purposes.

10. The student is responsible for any possible damage he or she causes to the property of others or that of the school. In case the student causes any damage to property, he or she is also responsible for notifying both the school’s personnel and the person whose property the student has damaged.

11. All lessons follow the school’s approved timetables. Lessons will start and finish at the times given in the timetables.

12. Students can spend their breaks between classes either indoors or outdoors. Students of the secondary school are not allowed to leave the school yard without permission.

13. During the lunch break, everyone should follow good manners in the school cafeteria. Students should have lunch during the lunch shift that is reserved for their grade. Everyone should act in such a manner that the lunch break is enjoyable and peaceful for all. The cafeteria should be kept tidy, and everyone takes their dishes away after eating.

14. It is forbidden to eat during lessons and to bring soft drinks, sweets or snacks to lessons.

15. Bicycles, mopeds, cars, and other means of transport should be parked in the parking spaces reserved for them. Everyone driving in the school yard must pay attention to other people and drive with extreme caution, thus securing traffic safety.

16. It is forbidden to be under the influence, to use, and to be in possession of the following substances: tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and other narcotics. This is applicaple in school, within the school grounds, during school trips as well as in any events organised by the school.

17. If students wish to hand out printed materials or flyers, hang posters, or make announcements on the school’s PA system, they need to have permission for this from the subject teacher or the principal.

18. The library is meant for silent working and mainly for the upper secondary school’s students. Students using the library should follow the library guidelines.


19. If a student is absent from school for some other reason than illness, he or she must ask for permission for the absence in advance. The subject teacher can give permission for absences that are maximum 3 lessons in length. The homeroom teacher can grant a leave of absence of no more than 3 days. If the student wishes to apply for a leave of absence longer than 3 days, they need to request it from the assistant principal.

20. If the student has not applied for a leave of absence beforehand, they should provide a written explanation for their absence to the school. If the student is in the secondary school or is under 18 years, the guardian will provide this explanation. Upper secondary school students that are over 18 years can write it themselves. If the student is absent for more than 3 days, he or she (or their guardian) should notify the homeroom teacher already during the absence.

21. If a secondary school student gets sick in the middle of the school day, only the school nurse, homeroom teacher, subject teacher or principal(s) can give the student permission to go home.

22. If an upper secondary school student has numerous or unexplained absences, this will affect his or her course grade. Additionally, the student can be removed from the course if the number of absences is excessive.

Final Remarks

23. Practical guidelines regarding different school proceedings will be added annually to the Rules of Conduct.

24. For other parts that are not stipulated in the Rules of Conduct, the school follows the Finnish decrees and legislation.

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